The Julota platform


Here are four ways Julota can help you create a connected community.


Julota Communities

Julota Communities enables care coordination and accountability between community resources to help improve the well-being treatment of the people you serve.


Julota Reach

Our intuitive platform instantly connects you with participating organizations and creates a team that can spring into action, collecting vital information in the field you need and tracking long-term success.


Julota Studies

The Julota platform can be used for targeted studies, such as Diabetes Prevention, Teen Suicide, and Opioid or Super-Utilizer Intervention. Set up networks focused on a common goal and define your metrics of success.



Julota Research

Using data created by more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems, you can discover new trends and insights, providing the basis for more-informed decisions. 


Get to know Julota


At its heart, Julota is about helping people get better, faster and more cost-efficient care.

Our web-based network consists of private entities, non-profits, charitable organizations, veterans’ resources and government agencies — anyone with a vested interest in getting people the help they need.

Once an organization enters a person into Julota, they can work with or refer him to other resources who can help with his care. The platform uniquely identifies the individual, securely captures and aggregates his data,and safely shares his protected health information between the appropriate organizations.

For each person referred within the system, the responsible organization can create a Care Team and specific tasks for each person on the team. A task can be anything, including conducting an assessment or enrolling a person into a community program. By creating a to-do list for each member of the team, our connected communities work together to help the person receive the best care possible.

What is a connected community?

We define a connected community as an integrated system that efficiently coordinates the delivery of services to at-risk populations through many providers across a multi-county region. A connected community can uniquely identify individuals and their needs, safely and securely communicate with their members, and easily share information between different software systems.

Improving care through analytics

Julota tracks organizations’ processes, outstanding issues, tasks and resource allocations, allowing them to look back and perform a deeper analysis of how their programs are operating. For example, an organization could compare the progress of patients in the YMCA’s diabetic weight loss program with patients referred to a similar program through United Way. Did one set have better long-term results than the other? Julota’s system allows you to make these considerations and adjust your operations accordingly.

Networks we're helping

Super Utilizer Intervention
Diabetes Prevention
Opioid Intervention
Teen Suicide Prevention
Mobile Integrated Health
EMS Dispatch Triage


Here's one example of how a connected community works


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