Connect Your Community

Julota connects communities by integrating with other department’s software, providing meaningful, customizable alerts to health and safety providers, and Julota has a proven track record of increased efficiency and financial savings.

A More Effective and Efficient Network

Julota transforms the disconnected patchwork of local service providers into a well-coordinated network that can proactively manage and support individuals, saving each community millions of dollars in healthcare and operational expenditures.

Software Used to Connect the Community

  • Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine

    Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine

    When organizations provide healthcare service to their community, clear and open communication with all their responding partners is critical. Mobile integrated healthcare/community paramedicine (MIH/CP) is a solution that promises to improve communities’ abilities to care for their members.

  • Interoperability Platform

    Interoperability Platform

    Just because data exists on one computer system, it doesn’t mean it can be easily accessed or used by someone with a different system. Organizations that depend on a computer and software setup to collect, update, and save information typically use specialty applications for their area of focus, rather than generic software that[...]

  • Co-Responders


    The special needs of individuals with mental health issues often are addressed in tandem, with police officers working together with mental health professionals arriving on the scene together.

  • CIT- Crisis Intervention Teams

    CIT- Crisis Intervention Teams

    The effectiveness of a crisis intervention team will depend to some degree on how easily it can access information about individuals who are going through an urgent situation.

  • COVID-19 Response

    COVID-19 Response

    As a stakeholder in an organization that is dedicating its resources to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, you know how important it is to marshal your energy as efficiently as possible.

  • ET3 - Emergency Triage, Treatment & Transport

    ET3 - Emergency Triage, Treatment & Transport

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are tasked with reducing the costs of delivering health care services in the United States. To that end, the CMS announced in February 2019 its Interoperability and Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport model.

Benefits of Using Julota

  • Connect organizations on disparate software platforms.
  • Transcend barriers of security, privacy, policy, and consent management.
  • Improve population health and well-being.
  • Connect communities, regions, and states to become a cohesive unit.
  • Decrease the costs of healthcare.
  • Improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery.
  • Fix the way we care for the vulnerable of our society.
  • Make de-identified data available for research to improve evidence-based care.