Mental Health Software

As a leader in your community for providing behavioral health services, you play a special role in protecting the public and making sure that patients are treated appropriately, following the latest in best practices.

The complexity of offering such services, especially to vulnerable members of the population, means that you will want to take advantage of technological and software advances to provide the best possible service.

What’s more, often you will be called upon to interact with other community service providers, including people working in healthcare, social services, law enforcement and EMS. This is where Julota can make a big difference. Julota’s software as a service or SaaS platform enables safe and easy access to patients’ sensitive healthcare information, improving efficiency so all affected agencies can work smarter, caring for more individuals than was possible beforehand.

Benefits of Software as a Service in Coordinating Behavioral Health Solutions

Working with a platform hosted in the cloud, you don’t have to worry that different professionals will need multiple permission or credentials to access your own setup.

Instead, you connect your data to the Julota platform and other organizations make similar connections so that you can more easily allow them to view the details when they need it, without jumping through a lot of hoops and waiting for different information silos to open up.

With cloud computing, your own IT department will not be burdened with expanding server capacity or bandwidth capabilities as requests for information surge. Instead, the cloud provider handles these crucial aspects of connectivity.

You can also rest assured that the vital data you collect, maintain and share with appropriate agencies (as protected by HIPAA guidelines) will remain secure and out of the view of unauthorized parties.

After all, with more computer criminals attempting to penetrate systems storing this kind of data to further their goals of committing identity theft or holding agencies hostage with ransomware attacks, it’s incumbent on you and your stakeholders to work with a safe and secure SaaS to protect patient data, such as the SaaS offered by Julota.

Communities pressed by financial downturns (such as shuttered businesses and lower tax base revenues) have to find ways of working more efficiently and cost effectively when providing essential services to their populations. More and more, this will involve community service providers relying on technology and software innovations that reduce friction between all entities trying to share actionable information with one another.

Using Julota to connect your community allows different departments to integrate their software and data. This is essential for generating customizable, meaningful alerts to all affected health and safety officers. With this efficiency of communication and alerts comes decreased costs in providing these services. The more open and transparent the data is, the less strain on already burdened emergency services and community resources.

Determining if Julota is the Right Fit for Your Behavioral Health Organization

Recognizing that we all have to pull together to preserve public health, behavioral health professionals will want to work with a system that allows for timely access to patient information and more convenient sharing between all responding entities.

You may have already determined that you need a cloud-computing solution to deliver software more efficiently across the various devices your people use. However, you still need more details on how to get started with SaaS and what would be involved to integrate the platform with your existing computing infrastructure. You may also be interested in learning more about how you would actually get started connecting with various non-profit and for-profit entities in your community.

At Julota, we focus on continually improving our platform. We are dedicated to helping organizations such as behavioral healthcare providers with the tools they need to work with other entities through our award-winning community interoperability platform. If you have questions about getting started or would like to check out a demonstration, please click here to contact us.