Data Management Platform for the ET3 Model

The Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport Model (ET3) allows emergency medical services to bill Medicare for care provided to beneficiaries who don’t need to go to the hospital emergency room. EMS personnel work with doctors to decide whether to provide care or transport the patient to the ER or a lower acuity setting. But EMS can only make the model work if they have a reliable and secure way to capture health information, make referrals and track data to report it to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

With ET3, EMS is recognized for what it is: an essential part of the health care system rather than merely a transportation service. With this recognition comes the expectation that EMS should be able to record, track and share data with both Medicare and other providers in the area.

Data sophistication is required when a call can have a number of possible outcomes, from treatment at home to transport to the emergency department to transport to the family doctor or clinic. It is important to capture the right data to reflect what happened during the call and bill Medicare. To make the most of their expanded role and this new revenue stream, EMS must have the right data system. Can your EMS meet this need with its current software for health record management?

Julota’s Cloud-Based Software Gives You Access to Secure Records from Anywhere

The strength of the ET3 model is that it allows you to provide care in the field when there is no medical need for the ER. You may be providing care for a patient in their home or you may be on-site and using telehealth to consult with a doctor about providing care in the field. You may be en route to the patient’s doctor or a local clinic. To remain responsive and agile, you need a user-friendly data system that you can use from anywhere.

With Julota’s award-winning, patented software as a service (SaaS), you can give EMS responders access to data in the field. Our software manages permissions of sensitive data so the right people have the access they need to provide care and capture health information, while also keeping health data secure and out of the wrong hands.

There’s no jumping through hoops to receive salient information in real-time. Your staff can get the information they need to provide care, consult with doctors and transport for treatment. The system is designed to let EMS control and manage consent for patients, which is another time-saving feature.

Julota’s cloud-based system is made so that your staff can use it on their mobile devices without risk of a HIPAA violation.

Build Your Capacity for Healthcare Reimbursement and Value-Based Payment with Julota

ET3 has the potential to revolutionize EMS and its revenue model. As EMS makes the shift from a limited emergency transport role to true community healthcare partners, it will need a data system that allows it to fully participate as providers in this new role.

Julota extends the capability of your ePCR to meet funding and reimbursement requirements. We will help you meet the billing obligations of insurers so you don’t have to walk away from these opportunities to make a difference, and open up new revenue streams.

Value-based payment models require you to show that your role as providers is saving the whole system money. To value-based models like accountable care organizations, you will need a data system that connects you to the rest of the network. Julota makes that possible.

Build Your Capacity to Participate in Projects Like ET3

The ability to collect and share reliable data opens up opportunities for EMS to receive funding to participate in research and pilot projects like ET3. Projects like this offer opportunities for additional revenue streams and an expansion of scope of practice for EMS, especially in healthcare provider shortage areas. An EMS provider that is already capable of data-sharing is best equipped to take advantage of opportunities like this.

Projects like these are also used to help policymakers identify patterns of best practices across the country and solidify the research foundation of EMS, making EMS more evidence-based and earning it the respect, prestige and funding it needs to fully participate as leaders and decision makers in the healthcare system.

Be ready to take advantage of opportunities like ET3 by having the infrastructure, including data systems, to take advantage of them when they arise. The greater your data collection and sharing capabilities, the less you will have to build when funding opportunities like these present themselves.

Ask Us How Julota Can Help Your ET3 Program

If you are interested in learning more about ET3 and how Julota’s SaaS platform can help your community get connected and work more efficiently, we would be glad to speak with you. Please connect with the team at Julota today.