Criminal Diversion Program

Julota can help your community create a data and referral system if you have a LEAD program or other criminal legal system diversion program or want to start one. These programs give law enforcement the tools to refer an individual to needed social services and behavioral health treatment rather than arrest them, and give community members a way to help individuals without involving the police. By connecting people to needed services, these programs reduce recidivism, improve recovery rates, reduce unnecessary police and legal system involvement, and improve police-community relations.

Using Julota’s Data-Sharing Platform for LEAD Programs

An effective LEAD program requires strong community partnerships and reliable data sharing. We believe that data sharing capacity improves communication among partners and increases your community’s likelihood of success. Julota offers a data-sharing platform that is not only easy for multiple partners to use but is also reliable and secure.

Julota helps different organizations share data across platforms with its simple and accessible user interface. Because Julota uses cloud computing, users can access Julota with their own devices, like a smartphone or tablet, to access data or update records – even out in the field. Law enforcement, case managers, mental health professionals and social service agencies can all share data without investing in special hardware or extensive user training. Our goal is to support those doing this important work with a platform that makes your job easier.

For example, you may have an interdisciplinary case management team supporting individuals in the LEAD program. Julota makes it easy for the team to have just-in-time access to shared data, even if one member is a doctor based in a medical center, one is a substance use counselor, one works with a safe housing organization, one is a member of law enforcement, and one is a nurse with the local health department. Julota makes it easy for these teams to work effectively together with timely data sharing.

Julota Keeps Behavioral Health and Law Enforcement Data Secure

Behavioral health information, including substance use diagnosis and treatment, is protected by HIPAA and other regulations. Julota is compliant with all data privacy and security regulations that govern law enforcement and behavioral health information systems, including HIPAA, 42 CFR Part 2 (to protect substance use treatment records) and CJIS (Criminal Justice Information System).

We don’t believe that you should have to compromise data security for usability, or usability for security. With sophisticated user-based access rules and cutting-edge encryption, Julota makes data readily available to those who need it and are authorized to use it while keeping it secure from those who shouldn’t have it. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) safeguards information so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands but still gives LEAD teams the multidirectional sharing capabilities they need to make the program work.

Julota’s Data Sharing Can Make Your LEAD Program More Competitive for Grants and Other Funding

Maybe you want to apply for a grant for your LEAD program, but you are required to show how you will operationalize your program with data sharing. Or maybe you know that your program is making a difference and you want to share that with potential funders, but you don’t have the data to show it.

Or perhaps you need to know which of your strategies has been most effective or where the greatest needs are, so you can plan accordingly and scale your program up or down. Julota gives you access to the data you need to plan your program, show your results, and be competitive for funding.

Julota will customize your data collection fields and the reports you can generate from the system to meet the needs of your organization, community and funders. This makes it easier to apply for funding and report back to policymakers and grant funders.

Is Your Community Ready to Use a Cloud-Based Platform for Your LEAD Program?

Julota has created this data-sharing product because we believe strongly in the power of connecting organizations to create healthier, safer, more equitable communities. We created an award-winning SaaS platform that enables organizations to share sensitive information across systems that have traditionally been incompatible and unable to talk to each other.

Julota is ideal for organizations that want to broaden their data-sharing capabilities while remaining nimble and free of the onerous task of installing new software on their systems. If you have any questions or want to learn more about what it takes to get Julota up and running for your LEAD program, our team is standing by to assist. Managing the permissions of such sensitive information is one of the hallmarks of Julota’s software as a service. To talk with us or request a free demo, click here to get in touch with us today.