Co-Responder & Crisis Intervention Programs

In co-responder/crisis intervention team (CIT) programs, law enforcement and mental health professionals work together to ensure the safety of both police officers and individuals in behavioral health crisis. Many of these programs have been successful in defusing such encounters and some have been successful in building community resources to help people with behavioral health needs. But many programs have struggled to close gaps in the system and meet treatment and follow-up needs after a crisis. For that, communities need reliable and secure data sharing – a service Julota can provide.

Connecting different organizations in a community is the driving force of the team at Julota, where we created an award-winning software as a service (SaaS) platform that enables organizations to share sensitive information across systems that have traditionally been incompatible and unable to talk to each other.

Using Julota’s Data-Sharing Platform for Co-Responder/CIT Programs

Communities with co-responder programs face three main challenges with data sharing and tracking: interoperability, ease of use and compliance with security and privacy regulations. Julota solves all three. Julota helps different organizations share data across platforms with its simple and accessible user interface. Because it uses cloud computing, police and mental health professionals can use their own devices, like a smartphone or tablet, to access data or update records – even out in the field. Our goal has been to create a platform that makes your job easier.

For example, co-responder programs work with hospitals and mental health centers as “receiving facilities” – safe places they can bring a person who is having a behavioral health crisis for stabilizing and treatment. With Julota, co-responders could make the referral while en route to the receiving facility for greater efficiency, better preparation and more timely treatment.

Julota Is Compliant Across Healthcare, Criminal Justice and Mental Health

Private health information is protected by robust privacy regulations, for good reason. Behavioral health information, including substance use diagnosis and treatment, is protected by an additional layer of regulations as well. Julota is compliant with all data privacy and security regulations that govern law enforcement and behavioral health information systems, including compliance to HIPAA, 42 CFR Part 2 (to protect substance use treatment records) and CJIS (Criminal Justice Information System).

Data sharing and data security are equally important. You need a system that can safeguard information so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, but one that also has multidirectional sharing with user-based access. The Julota platform is designed to do just that. This SaaS uses the highest level of data security to ensure that the right people get the access and permissions they need to make your co-responder program work while protecting sensitive information.

Julota’s Data Sharing Platform Helps with Co-Responder/CIT Program Planning and Evaluation

You know that your program is making a difference, but maybe you don’t have the data to show it. Or maybe you want to know which of your program interventions has been most effective or where the greatest needs have been, so you can plan accordingly. Julota gives you access to the data you need to plan your program and show your results.

Julota will customize both your data collection fields and the reports you can generate from the system to meet the needs of your organization and community. This makes it easier to report back to lawmakers and policymakers. It also makes it easier to apply for grants and other funding.

Homelessness Outreach, Law Enforcement, Hospitals and Behavioral Health Providers Can Share Information

Julota allows for easy data sharing among the agencies and organizations that serve the same community members with behavioral health needs and other medical problems and without consistent, stable housing. With multidirectional sharing, these organizations can make referrals for services and provide options beyond the emergency room or jail. Good data empowers communities to make better policy decisions to solve problems related to homelessness, mental health and substance use. By sharing information, a community can work together more efficiently to stop the cycle of behavioral health crises, incarceration and homelessness.

Is Your Co-Responder/Crisis Intervention Team Ready to Use a Cloud-Based Platform for Better Community Response?

Working well with other organizations in your community is one of your top priorities. Julota is ideal for organizations that want to broaden their capabilities while remaining nimble and free of the onerous task of installing new software on their systems. It also frees up IT departments from running local servers just to share information.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what it takes to get Julota up and running for your co-responder program’s cross-community response work, our team is standing by to assist. Managing the permissions of such sensitive information is one of the hallmarks of Julota’s software as a service. To talk with us or request a free demo, click here to get in touch with us today.

Julota Review

 “We run a co-responder program called PACT (Pitkin Area Co-responder Teams) pairing mental health clinicians with police to prevent unnecessary criminal justice involvement for low-level offenders with behavioral health symptoms or diagnoses. Since we are rural, we must coordinate services over a large geographical area, and we work with three different law jurisdictions. Julota has provided a central platform by which to collect vital data and statistics about the efficacy of our program. Julota is highly customizable, so we were able to tailor workflows to the specific needs of our partners, and consequently, there is no aversion to using it. The Julota staff have been very responsive and patient with our development process and change requests, and while we currently use the platform mostly to track law data, our mental health clinicians will soon be entering their information into it, as Julota is a HIPAA and 42CFR compliant technology. We look forward to exploring the potential of this platform in the coming years!

Jess Beaulieu, PACT Program Manager & Mental Health Program Administrator