MIH-CP Software

Emergency medical services and fire and rescue professionals know that seconds often count when serving members of the local community. This means that you require fast access to information about patients, even if you didn’t generate or save this information yourself.

Of course, you have to remain vigilant and protect this information from unauthorized access. But keeping it away from your partners in the community could hinder efforts to improve public safety rather than improve it. Clearly, a safe and secure method to share vital information will be of enormous help to communities like yours.

At the dawn of the computer era, it was natural for different organizations to set up their own networks for software and databases without regard to other agencies potentially needing direct access to the system.

For example, the needs of police officers are different than those of fire and rescue teams or social services professionals, so people didn’t consider the benefits of connecting their data systems. This becomes more complicated when each organization selects and deploys software made by completely different developers who didn’t have interoperability top of mind.

But now, it’s becoming clearer that communities can thrive and treat their populations more efficiently if various service organizations are able to share information quickly and conveniently. The trick is in maintaining security of data as well as ensuring that only authorized people can access information, as much of it is sensitive and protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA.)

How Julota’s Software as a Service Platform Can Improve Delivery of Services

As a fire and rescue or emergency services professional, you would benefit greatly if you had access to a patient’s medical chart during an encounter, such as to see if the patient has allergies or a pre-existing condition that would affect what type of treatment regimen to begin.

Social services can be contacted earlier to provide support to victims recovering from a fire or other disaster, including taking care of children whose parents are unable to look after them because of their own injuries. When foul play is suspected, the fire and rescue and emergency services personnel will need to bring in law enforcement professionals too, and timelier notification through the Julota platform saves time in this regard.

Alerts will go out instantly to all agencies that might be affected by the situation, improving response times. You also can count on the platform to help you cut down on strains or even abuses of emergency services as well as community resources. The system helps cut down on missed calls or duplicate efforts to render assistance.

Targeted alerts and announcements through a platform like Julota also help community responders deal with multiple simultaneous emergency situations, such as if more than one fire has broken out in the city at the same time, or if an explosion has knocked out not just a building but critical services such as utilities to the surrounding area.

Bringing Your Organization’s Data to the Online Julota Platform

Whether you work in emergency medical services or serve with a fire or rescue team, faster access to information in the field will enable you to serve the community far more effectively than if each responding entity had to make ad hoc connections to the others, without a shared platform.

Julota is proud that our award-winning platform is able to help various community service organizations to connect and share information more readily. Your EMS or fire and rescue colleagues likely have more questions about setting up Julota and using it to improve how you respond to situations in your community. We are standing by to assist you. For details, click here to talk about Julota or to arrange for a demonstration.