Cloud-Based Data Interoperability Platform

The Problem: Interoperability Barriers in Healthcare, Behavioral Health, and Emergency Response Data Systems

Data systems used in healthcare, EMS, behavioral health, and law enforcement often can’t share information. They are specialty applications developed independently of one another, designed by individual vendors to meet the specific needs of their industry. But it has become clear that these institutions serve many of the same community members—and all of them would be more efficient if they could share data.

EMS and law enforcement need to connect with healthcare and community service providers because the community members they encounter often have ongoing, complex needs that lead to the overuse of emergency services and repeated encounters with the justice system. First responders would be able to work more efficiently and focus on their own role if they could easily access data about the person’s history and needs and refer them for the right treatment.

But most data systems are not built to talk to one another. Interoperability between healthcare, EMS, and public safety data systems is both a technical and regulatory challenge: systems must be able to talk to each other while also protecting and securing private health information.

Julota’s Makes Health Data Interoperability Possible

Many healthcare organizations can’t exchange health data with one another, let alone EMS or other community agencies. Julota bridges the gap between healthcare organizations that use different EHR (electronic health record) systems and between EHRs and EMS ePCR (electronic patient care reporting) systems.

For example, accountable care organizations often work with organizations across a whole community to improve health outcomes for their members. But interoperable data systems are needed if the care coordinator is to effectively track whether a member received the medical and non-medical services they needed after a hospital discharge, an opioid overdose, a visit to the emergency room, or other event.

Or, EMS may receive repeated calls to help the same older couple with lift assists but may not be able to communicate with the couple’s doctors or anyone else to get them the support they need to live independently.

Julota’s platform can connect these different systems and make communication and data sharing possible.

Julota Enables Interoperability of Public Safety Data for Coordinated Response

Julota helps to connect EMS, law enforcement, and healthcare for more coordinated responses to everything from mental health crisis intervention to disaster response. With a shared, cloud-based data platform, Julota facilitates communication of crisis intervention teams (CIT) and the partnerships between law enforcement and behavioral health providers.

Perhaps a person has a mental health treatment plan but does not have the transportation to get to appointments or access needed prescriptions. Maybe a formerly incarcerated person is back in the community and no longer has access to healthcare, behavioral health services, and needed medication. Julota helps a range of agencies and organizations to connect so community members get what they need and law enforcement/emergency services can tap into the resources of the community to assist those with complex needs.

Establishing interoperability via SaaS ensures that EMS can communicate quickly with law enforcement and behavioral health professionals. Members of the team can connect the person to needed healthcare, behavioral health, and non-medical services, such as housing.

Service is the Key to Software as a Service (SaaS): Julota Works Hard to Make Interoperability Work for You

Julota’s platform uses cloud computing technology to offer software as a service, or SaaS, to communities to help them connect better and make their systems interoperable. We are committed to working with you to make sure you get what you need from this solution and that it opens up opportunities for your community to work together more efficiently.

We listen carefully to the needs of our clients and work collaboratively with them to solve problems and maximize the use of this tool. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you and your staff to use the platform while maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy. Team members can use their own laptop, tablet, or smartphone while out in the field to access the platform over the internet. It doesn’t really matter what operating system runs on the phone since the platform is accessible in a browser with no need for a special app.

At Julota, we are proud of the interoperability platform we’ve developed to store an organization’s data in the cloud. Keeping the community connected through this software as a service means organizations can save money and work more efficiently together to safeguard the public. If you and other stakeholders in your organization are interested in finding out more about the Julota platform’s capabilities and how to integrate the system with your own computer setup, please connect with us today.