Julota Named 2018 EMS World Innovation Award Winner

Dec 18, 2018 (Colorado Springs, CO): Julota, a community interoperability platform that creates a virtual safety net in a community by connecting the local patchwork of agencies and organizations that serve the community’s most vulnerable individuals, received word earlier this month that it is the winner of the 2018 EMS World Innovation Award.

The 2018 EMS World Innovation Award recognizes new products or those that have undergone significant modifications or upgrades launched after June 15, 2017. It highlights new technologies that are transforming prehospital care and operations.

Julota’s mission is to connect all health-related community organizations regardless of their platform so that they can communicate and share in-hospital and out-of-hospital mutual patient information. Julota helps communities save money and improve population health by facilitating the exchange of information between area resources without the usual time-consuming paperwork and phone calls.

“The 70% of health-related care that takes place outside of the hospital and physician’s office, is disconnected from the other 30% of healthcare because it is so cumbersome and costly to coordinate,” said Scott Cravens, EMT and VP, Business Development, “but Julota mitigates that problem.”

Julota is the only solution that is HIPAA, 42 CFR part 2 (Mental Health), and Criminal Justice Information System compliant in order to accommodate the behavioural health, law enforcement, and medical communities.

“Julota simplifies the way EMS can connect patients to other local care organizations, such as state and faith-based social services, behavioural- and mental health facilities, substance-abuse support, food banks, and more,” said Rick Pionkowski, MD, MS, Julota’s president and CEO.

It works alone or within an electronic patient care record application to enable quick on-site referrals.” In less than two years, 46 communities across the U.S. have implemented Julota to reduce their high-utilizer calls, improve the health of their populations, decrease costs, and elevate their standing and reputation in their communities.

“We’re thrilled EMS World has named Julota the winner of its Innovation Awards, and we consider it a testament to not only our staff but the hundreds of local organizations committed to helping their communities,” concluded Dr. Pionkowski.

About EMS World:

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About Julota:

The name Julota is an acronym for Just Love On Them Always. It is a software platform developed to simplify the way emergency medical services professionals (e.g., EMTs, paramedics, RNs) connect patients to other care organizations. It enables quick on-site referrals without phone calls or paperwork, leading to reduced high-utilizer calls and improvements in community health. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, the platform is now being used in 46 communities across the United States.

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Scott Cravens